We would like to assure you that with our hygiene and safety concept "StaySafe by Dorint" we comply with the strict requirements of the authorities in order to make our contribution to making your stay above all safe and pleasant. Jörg T. Böckeler, COO of DHI - Dorint Hospitality & Innovation GmbH, is pleased to explain the "StaySafe by Dorint" concept in this short video.

In keeping with our promise to inspire people and create special moments and meetings, we have the opportunity once again, especially in these times, to let our words be followed by actions.
Every single employee and #HotelHeld contributes to the implementation and communication of the revised standards and recommendations in order to permanently position themselves and the company internally and externally. A task that has become more important than ever.
We have put all existing standards to the test and improved or adapted them to the situation – and we have defined new ones where we are convinced that it makes sense.
The focus of these considerations is always the well-being of our guests, partners and staff.”

Jörg T. Böckeler
Managing Director, CEO
DHI Dorint Hospitality & Innovation GmbH
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