Suppliers treat the environment responsibly and strive to conserve natural resources as well as use them efficiently.

This means:

Environmental permits and reports.
Suppliers shall comply with all applicable environmental regulations. Required permits, approvals, and information on registrations and restrictions shall be obtained and kept current. Operational and reporting requirements required by law shall be met.

Chemicals and Hazardous Materials
Suppliers agree to handle the storage, transportation, use and disposal of chemicals and other materials that pose a hazard to the environment in a manner that is safe. Accidental spills and releases to the environment shall be avoided or their effects limited.

Labeling obligation and product content
Suppliers must comply with legal requirements for mandatory labeling of packaging, waste disposal and recycling. Prohibited or restricted materials may only be used within the legal requirements.

Environmental pollution
Suppliers shall reduce waste of all types as much as possible or avoid it completely. Where this is not possible, waste, wastewater and other emissions shall be controlled in accordance with legal requirements and, where necessary, treated prior to disposal. Recycling is to be strived for.

Use of resources
Suppliers shall use resources responsibly and strive to reduce the consumption of resources such as energy.
And strive to reduce the consumption of resources such as energy, water and raw materials in all areas. Efforts shall be made to use only renewable energy sources.