Suppliers ensure safe and healthy working conditions for employees in the workplace and ensure the harmlessness of their services and products.

This means:

Product and service quality.
Suppliers take all necessary precautions to ensure the safety of employees and guests of our hotel brands. This applies both to products and services that our hotel brands use from suppliers and to related interpersonal interactions. This includes, in particular, compliance with legal hygiene and quality standards.

Occupational health and safety
Suppliers comply with all statutory occupational health and safety regulations and prevent exposure to chemical, physical and ergonomic stress factors. Where required, they provide employees with personal protective equipment. Employees are trained and protected in the handling of hazardous substances before they are used. Employees are informed of potential risks.

Emergency prevention
Suppliers analyze potential emergency situations that may occur in the workplace and take appropriate preventive measures based on this, of which employees are informed. Furthermore, reactive steps are taken to contain and minimize the impact of such situations.

Basic needs
Suppliers shall provide employees with access to clean drinking water and sanitary facilities at all times, free of charge. If accommodation is provided to employees by suppliers, it is clean, safe, has heating and ventilation facilities, and access to hot water.