Suppliers uphold the human rights of their employees and treat them with appropriate dignity and respect.

This means:

Free choice of employment relationship
Suppliers shall not tolerate or encourage employment relationships based on forced labor, bonded labor or involuntary labor. The performance of work must be of the employee's own free will, and the employee must be free to terminate the employment relationship of his or her own free will at any time. Employees shall not be influenced in any way to change religious, political, or social beliefs in order to enter into or maintain employment.

Children and youth work
Suppliers shall not use child labor in any phase of the work performed for our hotel brands. "Child" in this context refers to individuals who have not yet reached the age of 15 or individuals who have not yet reached the minimum age for employment in the relevant country - whichever is higher. Hazardous work that could injure or endanger safety or health may only be performed by persons over the age of 18. This includes night work as well as overtime.

Wages and working hours
Suppliers shall pay employees at least the legally required wages and benefits. Statutory provisions on overtime and night work apply accordingly. Suppliers shall refrain from disciplinary measures in the form of wage deductions.
Weekly working hours may not exceed the legal requirement or a value of 60 hours per week, whichever is lower. Employees shall be granted at least one day off work each week and a reasonable amount of rest leave at least once a year.

Humane treatment and non-discrimination
Suppliers shall prohibit discrimination, harassment, abuse and any other form of inhumane treatment. Discrimination against employees on the basis of origin, skin color, age, gender, disability, religion, sexual orientation, marital status, political orientation or appearance is not permitted.

Freedom of association
Suppliers respect, based on applicable laws, the right of employees to freedom of association, to join a trade union, and to join an employee representative body or works council. Open communication with management about grievances relating to working conditions is possible without employees having to fear reprisals, intimidation or harassment.