• Creative cuisine - regional and seasonal products

    Dorint Hotels & Resorts attaches great importance to the use of regional and seasonal food products. In this way, we avoid long delivery routes and support the cultivation areas and farmers in the local region.

  • Supplier Code of Conduct - purchasing policies

    Dorint Hotels & Resorts obliges its suppliers and service providers to comply with the law and is committed to the prevention of child labour, fair payment, equality and strict occupational health and safety standards in all areas of our product portfolio.

  • Commitment to eliminating discrimination and (sexual) violence

    Dorint Hotels & Resorts offers fear-free spaces for our employees and guests. We reject and are resolutely opposed to all forms of discrimination, bullying and (sexual) violence.

  • Personal and professional development of all employees

    Dorint Hotels & Resorts is committed to advancing and supporting all employees. We are driven by our strong belief in and understanding of equal treatment as well as our commitment to shared and personal responsibility, fairness and loyalty. We believe in respectful support, not excessive demands.