• Reduce CO2 emissions

    Dorint Hotels & Resorts’ CO2 emissions are measured transparently with the goal of continuously reducing them. In our further developed sustainability guidelines, we are committed to aligning our services with the goal of becoming largely climate-neutral by 2050.

  • Reduce water consumption

    At Dorint Hotels & Resorts, the goal is to continuously reduce water consumption - both in terms of the average consumption per guest, but also per hotel overall. In addition to introducing our own initiatives, we are committed to promoting dialogue and involving our guests.

  • Energy monitoring

    Dorint Hotels & Resorts is committed to documenting its energy consumption and to taking measures to sustainably control and reduce it - especially energy generated by fossil fuels.

  • Strengthen social justice and combat inequality

    Dorint Hotels & Resorts is committed to strengthening social justice, combating inequalities and protecting and strengthening the rights of minorities.
    Our Dorint Ethics Charter governs our conduct with guests, employees and suppliers.

  • Avoid plastic and food waste

    As part of our sustainability activities, Dorint Hotels & Resorts is committed to avoiding plastic waste, waste in general and thus also food waste. Furthermore, possible avoidance measures are derived from existing environmental legislation, examined and evaluated.

  • Protect nature and biodiversity

    Dorint Hotels & Resorts is committed to protecting nature and promoting biodiversity at its locations.

  • Introduce sustainable building and quality standards

    Dorint Hotels & Resorts is committed to taking greater account of and focusing on sustainability aspects in relation to new buildings and renovations, as well as in the ongoing operation of its hotels.

  • Expand location-based commitment - our own “Neighbours by Dorint” foundation

    Through the Neighbours by Dorint Foundation, Dorint Hotels & Resorts seeks to be charitable and support charitable projects as a “neighbour” at its hotel locations. Our neighbourly commitment is based, among other things, on welfare, especially the support of vulnerable, disadvantaged, disabled and sick people in the vicinity of the hotel. Other areas of support include popular education and vocational training, traditions and sports, as well as cooperation with other charitable foundations and associations, e.g. Mutige Kinder e.V. (Brave Children).