Dorint Conference offer

Standardized meeting services available at all Dorint Hotels & Resorts make your event planning easy.

Of course, you can also combine the Dorint conference offers with individual services.

Meeting offer Dorint

  • conference room appropriate to the number of people
  • 1 projector (minimum 3,000 lumens) incl. Canvas
  • 1 Flipchart
  • 3 bulletin boards
  • 1 moderator's suitcase
  • a writing pad DIN A4 with ballpoint pen
  • All Day Coffee (coffee specialities from our high-quality vending machines in the conference foyer) during the event
  • 2 coffee breaks at our central coffee break buffet on the ground floor with coffee, tea, fresh fruit, pastries, cereals with milk and honey, chocolate bars, fruit juices, various yoghurts, snacks and small sweet surprises
  • Unlimited drinks in the conference room and at lunch (apple juice schorle and Dorint Aqua in large bottles)
  • Lunch as a rich and high-quality lunch buffet or 3-course menu according to the chef’s choice
  • Your personal, professionally trained event support

65,77 € net / 76,00 € gross per person and day

Meeting offer Dorint half-day

  • conference room appropriate to the number of people
  • 1 projector (min. 3000 lumens) incl. Canvas
  • 1 Flipchart
  • 3 pinboards
  • 1 moderator's suitcase
  • a writing pad DIN A4 with ballpoint pen
  • All Day Coffee (coffee specialities from our high-quality vending machines in the conference foyer) during the event
  • 1 coffee break at our central coffee break buffet on the ground floor with coffee, tea, fresh fruit, pastries, cereals with milk and honey, chocolate bars, fruit juices, various yoghurts, snacks and small sweet surprises
  • Unlimited drinks in the conference room and at lunch (apple juice schorle and Dorint Aqua in large bottles)
  • Lunch as a rich and high-quality lunch buffet or 3-course menu
  • Your personal, professionally trained event support

58.30 € net / 65.00 € gross per person and day

Events & Incentives




Weimar and the Weimar region offer a wealth of interesting locations. Some have their own gastronomy, while others are accompanied by experienced caterers from the region.

The classic Weimar

The cultural city with its picturesque streets and countless sights offers a wealth of opportunities for themed city tours. Here are some examples:

  • Scenes of Literature
  • Scenes of music
  • In the footsteps of Henry van de Velde
  • Great female personalities
  • Anecdotes tour
  • Tour of the True Lies

Castles & Parks

The UNESCO World Heritage title "Classic Weimar" includes the Stadtschloss, Schloss Belvedere, Schloss Ettersburg and Schloss Tiefurt with the associated parks. Our experienced and fluent city guides will be happy to put together individual tours for you. In some rooms of the Stadtschloss and at Schloss Ettersburg as well as in the Orangery of Schloss Belvedere, events of various kinds with catering are possible.

The sites of the Bauhaus

The sites of the Bauhaus in Weimar are also listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Explore the cradle of modernity on the Bauhaus Walk, developed and conducted by students of the Bauhaus University.

Various rooms of the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar are available for conferences, congresses and events. 

Castles and historical buildings

Weimar, the Weimar region and the neighbouring cities of Jena and Erfurt offer some special historical buildings and medieval castles that offer great opportunities for supporting programmes and events. Here you will find a small selection:

Coudraysaal in the music school Ottmar Gerster, 1 km, up to 100 persons Ordensburg Liebstedt, 13 km, barn up to 100 persons, in the castle courtyard up to 200 persons
Water castle Kapellendorf, 12 km, "stone chamber", up to 120 people, castle courtyard up to 200 people, Niederburg Kranichfeld, 20 km, halls up to 70 people, castle courtyard up to 400 people
Zeiss Planetarium Jena, 22 km, dome hall up to 200 people 

ADAC Driving Safety Centre

The ADAC-Fahrsicherheitszentrum Thüringen in Nohra (near Weimar) offers the right course for everyone and the opportunity to improve their driving safety with a lot of fun behind the wheel. Whether for beginners or experienced drivers. Train for dangerous situations, such as wet and slippery roads or sudden obstacles. The centre has not only a modern training facility with various modules that are state-of-the-art, but also modern rooms that you can use as a venue for your corporate events.


Football Team Event

Football Team Event

Offer your employees and customers an individually tailored programme and organise your own company-specific World Championships. 

Divided into teams, the participants have to master various challenges with the round leather and compete in unconventional disciplines. This requires not only dexterity and precision, but also brains and a portion of luck. In addition to the competition team against team, various skill exercises with the ball are on the list of tasks. This includes, for example, completing a ball course, shooting goal walls, a soccer bowling or a dribble competition, in which participants must demonstrate team spirit, tolerance and fairness. 

With this team-building measure of a special kind, you will land a real hit that will remain in positive memories for you, your employees and customers for a long time!

Drum workshop "Drum circle"

Drum workshop "Drum circle"

A drum circle connects people through fun, energy, initiative and music. This allows a team, regardless of its composition, ethnicity, age, occupational groups, etc. to learn what it can do together or what it means to find and fill the common groove. Each participant is actively involved from the beginning and decides according to his/her own abilities, in which form and with which instrument he/she participates or what impulses he/she gives into the group in order to support the common rhythm.  

Under the guidance of a rhythm moderator, the team is put together or guided and communicates with each other in a completely different way. It is all about experiences of success and moments of team spirit - about the individual responsibility of each individual to orient himself in the rhythm accordingly, to find him, to accept him, to listen, yes to say, and finally to actively exercise his/her role in the group.  

The drum circle as a form offers a unity and creates a conscious perception of each individual participant and stimulates not only to harmonize visually and acoustically with each other, but above all to give one's best. The acoustic feedback or the sound of the resulting beat brings a distinct team spirit in addition to personal success experiences.

Automotive construction - the interactive pit stop

Automotive construction - the interactive pit stop

The Soap Box – a Kit and a Team Battle with Physics...

Experience this extraordinary team action and design your in-house car race. Start your own racing stable and design your own individual soapbox with the kit – the components can be screwed together almost at will. Can you manage to construct a working brake and steering? 

After the construction phase, the teams compete against each other in a time trial. But time does not decide alone.

Creativity is required when it comes to designing the race suits and the team flag. The overall presentation and, of course, the vehicle design itself are important factors.

After the final award ceremony with champagne shower, the joint celebration begins in the paddock. This unique team building stands for creativity, team spirit and goal-oriented action. Witness for yourself an exciting development in the planning, construction and testing phases.



Hit intuitively precisely the black and also find your inner center. On your own body you experience an interplay between tensioning and loosening of the tendon, thereby strengthening body and mind and finding peace in yourself. Experienced trainers will introduce you to the art of intuitive archery. Cure your shooter king in different disciplines.

Archery in the evening by torchlight is a very special experience - why not even as an atmospheric prelude to a Christmas party?

Team Challenge - Game without limits

Team Challenge - Game without limits

Blindly joining the group, unconditionally being carried by team members on their hands through a spider's web, solving the most difficult and tricky tasks together – the team course is the challenge for young and old alike. The individual stations of our team course are completed in teams of approx. 8-12 people each.

The motto of all actions is: Only together we are strong! Sometimes funny, sometimes sporty, sometimes thoughtful, the individual obstacles have to be overcome and riddles solved. Selectable between simple and complex, the individual fields of action can be combined flexibly at any time. At the end of the course at the latest, the group becomes aware of the importance of communication processes and clearly defined team structures for the development of strategies for problem solving and conflict resolution. The newly acquired sense of community of the group then releases positive impulses for the work process of your team.

The team course may include the following stations:

  • Tower of Power
  • Sheep and shepherds
  • The great spider web
  • From island to island
  • The running ‘A’
  • Team skis
  • The Labyrinth
  • Blind Walk
  • Team beams
  • Mission Impossible
  • Low-rope element “rope dance”
  • The magic pen

Afterwards, there is also the possibility of a prize-giving ceremony for the best team.

Strategy Life

Strategy Life

Between prison and Schlossallee

Go to the prison, do not go too far, but drink a cocktail on Schlossallee and answer a question at the Theaterplatz. “Strategy Life”, the quirky adventure dinner, mixes reality with games and dinner with fun. Because here you yourself become a living character. 

"Strategy Life" combines elements of the well-known game forms "Who will become a millionaire?", "Monopoly" and "Activity" and also integrates a multi-course menu into the sequence.

Your employees are greeted with a gambler cocktail and greeted by the game management. She will accompany the players throughout the evening and comment on the events amusingly. After a brief introduction and division into groups, all teams receive their start-up capital.

The teams walk the legendary streets between Schlossallee and the prison and answer questions on different topics at the individual stations. On the “experience field” team tasks have to be solved together. With a lot of imagination, skill and a bit of luck, the teams can increase their starting capital here or even lose it with a bit of bad luck.

In between, the game is interrupted at regular intervals. Your employees return to reality for a short time to take the individual courses of the multi-course menu. Freshly strengthened, they will then continue their “Strategy Life” journey. At the end of the evening, the winning team is determined and duly celebrated with a prize-giving ceremony.

The bang-on-fall apparatus

The bang-on-fall apparatus

The oversized ball track with the domino effect!

"To set a stone in motion" is a proverbial saying that something begins, gives the impetus, is set in motion and triggers a chain of events, it also means that something secret is revealed. In our team event "The Bang-on-Fall Apparatus" you will build an apparatus with different materials and objects, with liquids and fireworks, which works according to the principle of cause and effect, the so-called "domino effect".

Imagine: a small hammer hits a ball, it rolls slowly over self-made tracks, through pipes, shafts, maybe on a seesaw, suddenly a chicken egg falls from its opposite side, it falls into a funnel, smashes it and runs tenaciously into a glass, which in turn is on a scale, the weight of which stretches a rope... - it is the immense fascination of the advancing dynamics, the play with possibilities, the joy of discovery and experimentation and becomes a sensual experience. The participants work in small groups on a section of the apparatus. The team of the first segment builds a marble track in which the ball is sent on an adventurous journey. The next section deals with kinetics, the transformation of rolling motion into other types of motion, some tilting, falling, turning or swinging. After that, everything revolves around flowing and flowing, water and sand, with funnels, seesaws, scales and containers. The team of the fourth segment is dedicated to electrical energy, building small circuits for lamps, barriers or for lighting fireworks.

More offers:

  • Restaurant

    Chef Christian Damm pampers his guests with creativity and attention to detail, serving culinary delights of modern cuisine as well as traditional regional specialities.

    Special highlight: for every dish restaurant manager and wine connoisseur Martin Botta recommends a carefully selected wine by the glass.

    Enjoy our popular five-course menus (one of them vegan) as a tasting menu.

  • Evening programmes

    Here you will find exciting gastronomy, surprising cultural insider tips and culinary infotainment.

    "Menu with style" – a Knigge evening

    "Laughter is the best medicine - Medical cabaret"

    "Work during the day, guests in the evening, acid weeks, happy parties" – an evening with Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

    "Mozart was a Rock ’n Roller!" – Felix Reuter and the damn classic

    Of course, we also design your tailor-made event for you according to your individual wishes. Challenge us!

Our Event Support

  • Entertainment

    Weimar is historically and currently blessed with a very active music and theatre scene. We work with different artists, artists, musicians and agencies. Whatever your requirements, we will find creative solutions for your individual programme. And if you do not yet have a precise idea, then we are happy to advise you!

  • Technology

    Comprehensive technical planning, conception and implementation – we support you with state-of-the-art equipment together with our local engineering company. If you have special wishes or requirements, no problem! Just contact our meeting service.

  • Decoration

    The right staging with light and decoration needs to be carefully selected. Together with creative decorators and experienced florists, we design innovative room concepts and ideas. Ask for your individual offer, tailored to your wishes.

  • Transfer/Shuttle

    Whether transfer to the evening event or shuttle to the airport or train station – here we offer you contacts to our exclusive partners to make planning as convenient as possible too. The portfolio ranges from limousines to buses to romantic carriage rides.