Dorint Conference offer

Standardized meeting services available at all Dorint Hotels & Resorts make your event planning easy.

Of course, you can also combine the Dorint conference offers with individual services. 
Feel free to ask us about your individual conference offer for your budget.


  • Meeting room, according to the number of persons
  • Standard technology in the booked conference room:1x flipchart, 1x screen, moderator's suitcase, 2x pinboards, 1x projector, WLAN, writing materials for each participant
  • 2 coffee breaks (morning and afternoon) - regional, fresh, sweet, savoury and creative
  • Consistently sweet surprises from the candy bar
  • Unlimited drinks in the conference room and at lunch (apple juice and Dorint Aqua)
  • Seasonal lunch (3-course menu)

€ 57,98 net / € 69,00 gross per person and day

Events & Incentives

Outdoor Events

Outdoor Events

Reception at the pier

We are happy to welcome you and your guests on the pier with our traditional "gullshit". Behind the unusual aperitif is a 2cl Rostock caraway and a piece of pumpernickel with liver sausage.

Meeting in the beach basket

Let your creativity run wild with the spectacular backdrop of the Baltic Sea in the background. With your feet in the sand and the sound of the sea in your ear, it will be an unforgettable highlight for you and your participants.

Action and team building

Action and team building

Our events and incentives are linked to action and team building measures. Fun and joy are the guarantors of your event.

Beach volleyball tournament

A playful event, combined with a lot of fun, group dynamics and team spirit right on the Wustrower Strand.

Water skiing

Water skiing, wakeboarding, trick- or monoskiing - the water ski resort in the Bernsteinsee offers all possibilities for an extraordinary leisure time. Along with a beach volleyball court and a bar, you can enjoy your chill-out pitch.


Whether a modern passenger ship or a Mississippi paddamer - experience a comfortable Bodden cruise to the Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft National Park. Stimulating contrasts of the reed islands, native seabird species and migratory birds convince of untouched nature.

Torchlight walk

A pleasant way to bring your guests to new thoughts during the evening is a torchlight hike through the picturesque Ostsebad Wustrow followed by a punch drink by our fireplace.

Cycling trip

Discover the charming landscape of Fischland/Darß in an individual way. Highlight of the excursion: We prepare a picnic for you on the cliff coast and you enjoy a panoramic view of the rough, deep blue Baltic Sea.

Carriage ride with food & drink

The coachman awaits you with the car to introduce you to the Fischland, the lovely towns of Wustrow, Barnsdorf and Althagen. A nice alternative to driving a car. A picnic basket and a good mood are not to be missed on this tour.

Old-timer driving

In a vintage coach, built in 1965, equipped with a bar and beer tap, we invite you to a particularly cheerful tour. Get to know legendary places where the pirate klaus Störtebeker once wrought his mischief.

Golf - Around the small white ball

Come to a tasting course on the golf course and get to know the small ball from its most pleasant side: fun, relaxation, training of coordination, concentration as well as dexterity and strength.

Sea boat ride

"All men and women on board!" - Under red sails you sail the Saal Bodden waters. In combination with rustic smoked fish bites and cold drinks, nothing stands in the way of sailing pleasure.

Playground for big boys!

Your "playground" is located on a former military airport. Aircraft and vehicle techuk of the Eastern Bloc countries can be explored in this museum. The special thing about it is that this museum invites people to try out the technology themselves.

Because we are professionals in the hotel and event industry, we know that there are professionals in other areas as well. We therefore leave the implementation of events of a particularly spectacular nature to our selected cooperation partners. Our experienced event team will be happy to put you in touch with our cooperation partners. The respective external cooperation partner is responsible for the proper delivery.

Teambuilding "Schnitzelhunting"

Teambuilding "Schnitzelhunting"

Whether a scavenger hunt is organised on foot or by bike, your guests will be divided into teams of equal size and have the task of finding a destination with the help of maps, photos and other orientation aids.

from € 15,12 net / € 18,00 gross per person

Spa Treatment

Spa Treatment

Spa Active Treatment

Feel the original power of the elements as the soft sand caresses your feet and you taste the salt of the sea on your tongue. Start in the day with Taiji - Make your energy flow.

Spa Business Treatment

Combine efficient work with time off for exercise and relaxation to ensure the balance of Yin & Yang! Sound meditation, relaxation exercises, face, hand or foot massages leave nothing to be desired.

Beach dinner

Beach dinner

In summer, we love to enchant you with a beach dinner barbecue buffet with campfire romance. In addition to the fact that you can see your fill of the beautiful Baltic Sea, we offer you a live cooking event with fresh fish and various meat dishes.  

€ 75,21 net / € 89,50 gross per person (from 40 persons) excl. Beach charges

More offers:

  • Restaurant

    Fresh and varied - so we would like to spoil you culinary at all times of the day. Regional and international delicacies await you, interpreted in a modern way. Carefully selected ingredients and health-conscious preparation ensure joy of life and pure enjoyment! This is the philosophy of our team, with which we would like to pamper you.