• Enjoy top-class coffee.

    Freshly brewed, fairly traded and in organic quality from the JJ Darboven brand or high-quality organic tea compositions from Althaus. Accompanied by a freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juice or a smoothie you make yourself. Delicious.

  • Delicious fresh...

    ... Rolls, breads and gluten-free baked goods await you at the Continental Breakfast. At the front cooking station, our #HotelHelden conjure up hot dishes such as freshly boiled eggs, scrambled eggs and omelettes made from free-range eggs, crispy bacon and much more for you. What can we prepare fresh for you?

  • Regional products

    Try regional products directly from the producer from the organic corner or vegan specialities of the house. Help yourself to the muesli bar, plus some yoghurt and fresh fruit. Simply delicious.


    With a Dorint breakfast, you start the day well fortified and ready to enjoy.

Offers may vary at individual hotels & resorts.