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  • Yoga

    Time for me. Time that creates health and well-being. Time for you - time for yourYOGA.

    You know ... yoga is more than just a sport. Yoga is a holistic exercise system from India, an effective combination of physical and breathing exercises, one of the most popular methods for reducing stress. Mindfulness, serenity and flexibility - yoga has many positive effects and strengthens body, mind and soul.

  • Spa & Wellness

    Time for me

    Hardly any other hotel group in Europe can boast such a wide range of wellness and beauty offers as Dorint Hotels & Resorts.

  • Golf

    Your golf vacation with Dorint

    Hardly any other sport becomes a passion as quickly as golf. And that's not all. Golfers enjoy nature at its best, reduce stress at work and improve their health. A first insight into a leisure activity that everyone can now afford.

  • All our experiences

    Experience true relaxation or sparkling culture. Real adventure or intense family time. Pure nature or pure enjoyment. Wonderful moments of pure happiness. Enjoy our many offers and combine your stay at the Dorint with your personal interests.