At DHI Dorint Hospitality & Innovation GmbH and its affiliated companies, in particular Dorint GmbH, Essential by Dorint GmbH, 5HALLS HOMMAGE HOTELS GmbH (hereinafter collectively referred to as the "Company" or "we"), a corporate culture based in particular on appreciation, fairness, responsibility, sustainability and legal certainty is lived with the Blue Thread. No violations of applicable law or discrimination are accepted or tolerated. Our effective Dorint compliance system ensures that our self-imposed standards, laid down in the respective codes of conduct, are not only demanded, observed and implemented within the company, but also by our suppliers and partners.

The Dorint compliance system was developed, if and insofar as necessary, in close consultation and trusting cooperation with the relevant works council and the central works council and will be further developed in future in mutual cooperation with these bodies. In the event of questions, infringements, criticism and suggestions, the relevant works council or the central works council is always available to employees.

Jörg T. Böckeler Managing Director CEO

Bettina Schütt Managing Director COO

  • Dorint compliance system

    The Dorint compliance system was introduced to ensure that our corporate culture, which is based in particular on appreciation, fairness, responsibility, sustainability and legal certainty, can be lived and further developed.

  • Code of conduct for suppliers and business partners

    The following guidelines and requirements define the minimum standards that we set for our suppliers in terms of sustainable and ethical behavior. These are also taken into account in the selection process for new suppliers. [...]

  • Code of conduct for employees

    This Code of Conduct defines our principles and requirements for our direct and indirect employees. [...]

  • Dorint Tell Us

    We provide internal and external whistleblowers with various reporting channels. "Dorint Tell Us" is a secure reporting channel through which our employees, guests, suppliers and business partners can confidentially report possible violations. Incoming reports are stored on an external server and prioritized by the ombudsperson. [...]

  • Dorint guideline for dealing with internal whistleblowers

    Employees in companies (employees, interns, trainees, temporary workers, etc.) are often the first to notice grievances and can use their information to ensure that legal violations are uncovered, investigated, prosecuted and prevented [...].