Reliably covered on vacation

with our travel insurance partner HanseMerkur

Travel cancellation insurance reliably protects you against high costs if you are unable to start your trip or can only do so after a delay. This can be for reasons such as a serious illness, change of job or redundancy. If you also book the vacation guarantee (trip interruption insurance), you are also protected during your vacation: If you have to cancel your trip prematurely, you won't be stuck with the costs.

Travel cancellation insurance

If there is an insured reason, the travel cancellation insurance will reimburse you:

- Costs for rescinding, canceling or rebooking a trip
-Additional costs incurred due to delayed feeder services (e.g. train, flight, ferry, etc.)
- Costs of partial cancellation (e.g. single room supplement) in the event of vacation cancellation by accompanying persons
- ... and all this without deductible (exceptions for outpatient treatment with insurance for a trip)

Cancellation reasons - in these cases, travel cancellation insurance is there for you:
- Serious accidental injury, unexpected serious illness
- Termination for operational reasons, change of job (if the start of the trip falls within the probationary period), re-employment after unemployment
- Pupil and student cover: change of school or examination date (re-examination) during the travel period
- Significant damage to personal property (e.g. due to fire, storm, burglary, etc.)
- Pregnancy
- You can find further reasons for interruption in our insurance conditions.

Vacation guarantee (trip interruption insurance)
If there are insured reasons, you benefit from the following under the vacation guarantee

- Reimbursement of return travel costs
- Reimbursement of the full travel price in the event of interruption during the first half of the trip (up to a maximum of 8 days)
- Pro-rata reimbursement of all unused travel services if the trip is interrupted in the second half of the trip (from the 9th day at the latest)
- Reimbursement of re-arrival or subsequent travel costs if the vacation is interrupted
- Reimbursement of costs for additional overnight stays required due to illness of an accompanying person

Reasons for interruption - in these cases the vacation guarantee is there for you:
- Serious accidental injury, unexpected serious illness
- Significant damage to personal property (e.g. due to fire, storm, burglary, etc.)
- Natural disasters at the vacation destination
- Delayed transportation (from 2 hours)
- Pregnancy
- You can find further reasons for termination in our insurance conditions.
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