The Dorint compliance system was introduced to ensure that our corporate culture, which is based in particular on appreciation, fairness, responsibility, sustainability and legal certainty, can be lived and further developed. This system consists of the following components:

1. through the central complaints office "Dorint Tell Us", we encourage internal and external whistleblowers (employees, guests, managers, business partners, etc.) to submit reports of possible misconduct to an independent ombudsperson in a secure way around the clock.

2. an annual and/or event-related risk analysis has been integrated into the operational process as a further preventative measure. This enables us to identify human rights and environmental risks in our own business area and in the supply chain and to specify and prioritize them for further processing.

3. training and the regular exchange of information between our employees, suppliers and business partners also serve to optimize our selection processes for business partners, to gain knowledge about misconduct and to avoid it.

4. the contractual obligation to comply with our corporate culture, which is set out in the respective codes of conduct, is a prerequisite for a business relationship. Compliance with these is monitored during the ongoing cooperation.